4 REASONs WHY Outdoor Kitchensare worth having

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens continue to grow in popularity, and experts in the space believe that an outdoor kitchen significantly increases the value of a home. 

Increases home size 1

Your kitchen (and outdoor entertaining space) will increase in size. Think of all the times you’ve thought to yourself how nice it would be to have a larger kitchen to cook, spend time with family and friends, and entertain in. 

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While you could easily invest money in remodeling or expanding your home’s indoor kitchen, choosing to build an outdoor kitchen is actually a more cost-effective option.

Part of the reason that backyard kitchens are becoming so popular is because they expand the size of your home (and essentially increase your kitchen size). When you invest in an outdoor kitchen, you are building a new room – a room that’s outdoors, but still a fully functional space to eat, play and relax in your home. Why run in and out of the house when you can move everything you need outdoors?

Entertaining guests 2

And if you like to entertain, an outdoor kitchen won’t only expand your outdoor space – it will also impress your guests! By way of return on investment, your new outdoor kitchen can serve as a form of social currency – hosting dinner and events at your own home suddenly becomes more appealing than dining out. And you may experience some positive financial returns from that turn of events as well!

Increases home value 3

By investing in an outdoor kitchen, you’ll put your home in line with the latest in kitchen remodels, and position yourself favorably in a fickle real estate market, and improve the resale value of your house down the road.

More than 40% of homeowners have already added outdoor living area and a cooking area to their home. In addition, of the people who stated that they did not have an outdoor kitchen, about 25% said that they were anticipating adding one within a year.

Health, wellness and a getaway 4

One of the best reasons to invest in an outdoor kitchen is that you’ll end up investing in your own wellness, as well as the wellness of your family! When you build an outdoor kitchen in your home, you’re building an opportunity to spend more time outdoors, and all the healthy benefits that accompany it.

When you spend more time outdoors with the help of your new kitchen, you can experience scientifically proven benefits, such as improved memory and concentration, restored mental energy, reduced stress levels, sharper thinking and creativity, and more. And isn’t your own health and livelihood the most important thing you can invest in?

How to build your Outdoor Kitchen the right way

While the cost of an outdoor kitchen requires at least a few thousand dollars to build, investing in an outdoor kitchen, will pay off exponentially in the future. But, it is important to remember that if you are going to invest in an outdoor kitchen, you need to ensure it is built correctly and with quality materials. Including stainless steel kitchen cabinets, granite or countertops, and amenities like a wet bar or grill in your outdoor kitchen will even further elevate your backyard living space.

Our outdoor living options are designed and engineered to provide you not only with returns on home value, but fun, comfort, and endless entertainment as well. This is the very reason why hiring professional landscape design and outdoor kitchen builders like The Beaudry Group is very vital. The Beaudry Group comes with 45+ years of experience in landscape design and natural outdoor entertainment spaces for homes.

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